Balance Earth sprung out of the aspiration to improve human connection with nature and to inspire as many communities as possible to join this vision.

Thus, Balance Earth aims to have a positive impact on the environment and to carry out actions through legal and social interventions designed to change behaviors and practices, by guiding communities towards an eco-centric and sustainable tomorrow.


A world in which humanity lives in balance with nature.


Protecting the environment and improving the quality of human life.


Educating and informing communities about the importance of environmental protection, as well as defending the rights and interests of nature through legal and social interventions and advocate for their recognition.

Principles and values:

  • Balance – as it is our main aim;
  • Respect – because Nature deserves it;
  • Solidarity – because only together can we save the planet and ourselves;
  • Empathy – as one must feel Nature in order to protect her;
  • Education – because it is the main instrument that can help this mission;
  • Equity – because we believe it is the fair thing to do.

Areas of activity:

  • Volunteering;
  • Environmental education;
  • Access to information;
  • Legislative and public policy proposals;
  • Access to justice in environmental matters.

Balance Earth aims to:

  • Promote ecological awareness and change human behavior in relation to the environment;
  • Represent the rights of nature and advocate for their recognition;
  • Organise leisure events and educational activities in nature;
  • Benefit society and the planet.